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5 Hazardous

Hazardous Waste

SiteSolved offers an efficient and fully compliant collection of all types of hazardous waste which is disposed of at audited licensed sites to ensure compliance.  Hazardous waste can be over complicated  – the first thing to do is to classify if it is indeed hazardous by clicking on this useful link.

Stat:  Around the world 13 tonnes of hazardous waste is produced every single second – the UK produces 400 million tonnes each year, which is about the weight of 40,000 Eiffel Towers.

4 Waste Electrical

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Electrical and electronic waste can cover a wide range of products including; vacuum cleaners, tools, games consoles, washing machines, microwaves and toasters.  Some electrical waste, such as TV’s, computer monitors and fridges are classed as hazardous and must be disposed of at authorised sites that are licensed to process such material.

Stat:  From 2016, EU member states have to collect 45 tonnes of WEEE waste for every 100 tonnes of electrical goods put on sale the previous three years.

1 Freezer

Food Waste & Freezer Breakdowns (Category 3)

Our food waste collection service is ideal for unexpected freezer breakdowns where response times are key.  All our food waste collections are taken to local anaerobic digestion plants where the food waste is processed into biofertilizers.

Stat:  Every tonne of food waste recycled by anaerobic digestion as an alternative to landfill, prevents between 0.5 and 1.0 tonne of CO2 entering the atmosphere.

2 Flytipped

Fly Tipped Clearance

SiteSolved offers a fully compliant service for fly-tipped waste from commercial businesses of members of the public.

Stat:  The estimated cost of clearance for fly-tipping to local authorities in England in 2016/17, was £57.7 million.

3 Office

Office Clearance

Offices can contain a wide range of waste streams such as desks, chairs and cabinets to hazardous items, such as fridges, fluorescent lighting, cleaning products and electrical items (WEEE).  SiteSolved runs a complete office clearance service, ensuring compliance and complete satisfaction for our customers.

Stat:  The average office worker in the UK uses up to 45 pieces of paper per day and a staggering two-thirds of that is considered waste.

6 Site & Rubbish

Site Clearance & Rubbish Removal

SiteSolved offers a fast, reliable and efficient clearance & recycling service which is ideal for ad-hoc waste collections such as bulky items, general waste and sensitive/confidential waste.  All collections can be tailored to individual needs.  We also cover service breakdowns where operations within your business unexpectedly produce larger volumes of waste than usual and needs to be removed.

Stat:  The amount of trash generated by the UK could fill Britains largest lake, Lake Windermere, in just 8 months.


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